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ABC 15 2017 Extraordinary Woman of Color

Tarver recognized as an Extraordinary Woman of Color by ABC 15's  Susan Casper 

Tarver Receives Human Rights Award...Impetus For New Book.

Tarver receives Inaugural Human Rights Award from Triad West

About Us


TCG is committed to equal access and opportunity for women and girls of color, and women entrepreneurs-- which means driving policy that creates equal work for equal pay and ensures that girls are poised to compete for viable wages, technology, corporate and STEM jobs. 


TCG provides women professionals and  entrepreneurs skills-based training, in-depth business development services, research/analysis, and practical business solutions. 

We also provide technical assistance and grant writing for  competitive, high-dollar federal, state, and local  bids and contracts.  

Technical Assistance

TCG partners with agencies, municipalities, for-profit and non-profit entities to provide strategic planning, SWOT Analysis, implicit bias/diversity training, and collaborative building. 

Technical assistance  services are provided through one-on-one planning, workshops, mentorship, and support services, with a critical focus on assisting  women entrepreneurs in bidding for competitive contracts and grants. 

TCG also provides workforce training/readiness and mentorship opportunities for opportunity youth 18-24.      

2018 MLK Honoree

Chalene Tarver receives 2018 MLK Living the Dream Award from the City of Phoenix Human Rights Commission  

What We Do

Business Services

The Tarver Consulting Group ("TCG") is committed to creating equity, access and opportunity for women.  TCG provides policy analysis, programming, business development training, and technical assistance to expand economic development opportunities for women professionals, entrepreneurs and small businesses.

We also provide resources and mentoring to young professional women, thereby increasing their earning potential and career opportunities.  


Economic Development

When we economically empower women, we reduce family poverty, grow economies, and build healthy and safe communities.   We can't grow women's economic empowerment and development without expanding employlment opportunities, training, access to finance, and entrepreneurial support services.

Skills Based Training

Professional women and entrepreneurs are more likely to succeed when they have ancillary services that help build and create infrastructure for their businesses, i.e., fiscal management and accounting services, HR policy and procedure, PR/marketing, and client acquisition are just a few of those services.


Diversity Training and Implicit Bias

Implicit bias impacts the hiring, promotion and career development of women, essentially fostering negative attitudes and pushing women out of the marketplace into under employment, unemployment or employment at poverty level wages.  Diversity training and assessments allow corporations to identify those negative biases,  create stronger linkages for economic development and foster a supportive environment for women to work and do business.  

Meaningful Networks

Statistics suggest that women professionals and executives have a higher success rate when they leverage the networks, resources, mentorship, and expertise of  women's organizations and other strategic allies and community stakeholders.  

Policy Development

Policy analysis and development around women's economic empowerment requires increased collaboration and communication between women's right to work groups, equal pay advocates, and strategic corporate partners.  Healthy and sustainable collaborations help proactively identify and develop women professionals and strong executives.   

Who We Are

Our Principal

Charlene Tarver is the managing principal of the Tarver Consulting Group, LLC ("TCG"), a Phoenix-based business and economic development firm. 

Tarver holds a Legal Masters (LL.M.) in Taxation and a Certificate in Employee Benefits Law (CEBS) from Georgetown University Law Center; a Juris Doctorate (JD) from the University at Buffalo School of Law; and a Bachelors in Sociology (BA) from New York University (NYU).  

With more than 20 years of experience in business development and tax planning, Tarver counsels high net worth individuals, businesses, non-profit organizations, governmental entities, and women and family-owned companies. 

Tarver possesses extensive experience in forming government, private, and community collaboratives, and has held contracts with both the City of Phoenix and the City of Oakland to strategically assess education, economic development and public safety initiatives.

Through the City of Phoenix, City Development Block Grant (CDBG), Tarver drove small business development, job growth, and job creation for small to mid-size companies.

Tarver was appointed by the Phoenix Mayor and City Council to serve on the Board of Directors of the Phoenix IDA, an entrepreneurial nonprofit that improves the community through multiple strategies such as bond financing, investments, and down payment assistance. 

Our History

The Tarver Consulting Group (TCG) was formed in 2017 to drive business and economic development through small business development, skills-training and business mentorship for women entrepreneurs and diverse communities. 

Through policy, programming, and collaborative building, TCG conducts strategic planning, SWOT, research and analysis, policy development, community outreach/engagement, and talent acquisition-- all with a focus toward creating access, equity and opportunity for women.  

Our Mission

Drive jobs, create equal pay for equal work, and provide women access to business skills training, technical assistance, and meaningful connections.    

Thank you

We look forward to working with you and your team to identify resources, provide business services, and offer technical assistance.   


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